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Girly represents sophistication, ellegance and a classic touch that is always the best option for dressing well for any occasion.

This trend is conceived with simple and bold styles and top-quality fabrics, in a well structured design, fine materials and prevailing colours like red, blue and grey.


Smart Casual combines a casual style together with an informal look, but always resulting in a well-dressed and elegant appearance.

This trend reflects both sides – the formal and the informal – which creates a cutting edge and modern balance. Colours vary from beige to grey tones, red, green, navy blue and black.

acessórios para rapazes


Sport Glam is focused in preteen girls. This style is kind of a combo:  the “Girls can do anything” view, which unites glamour and shining looks with a more urban and sport trend. A modern combination for the day-by-day that works all times.

Autumn/Winter 2018 MDD

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